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Our Story



Riverside Lobster has been an important live lobster exporter for over 20 years. Its headquarters are located in Meteghan River, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, at the head of St. Mary’s Bay, Riverside has prime access to the world’s best lobster fishing grounds.



Being a Canadian company means Riverside Lobster and products are harvested and produced with the utmost respect for the environment and the sustainability of our precious resources. 



Riverside Lobster is proud to be located in the Acadian region of Clare, Nova Scotia. We believe in a strong foundation of corporate citizenship and are committed to helping our community and environment prosper.

Company Overview


Multiple state of the art seaside facilities, tightly managed quality control and logistics, hundreds of dedicated employees and, of course, premium lobster products are the qualities that make Riverside Lobster a leader in the premium seafood industry.

A commitment to quality has always been important at Riverside Lobster.  We not only meet, but exceed Canadian food processing facility requirements. We have received and maintain many independent certifications from many jurisdictions from around the world. Our quality control adheres to strict internal protocols. Rigorous employee training and a state of the art, onsite laboratory ensures our quality standards are met at every stage of productions.


Company Overview

Quality & Sustainability

Quality assurance plays an important role every step of the way at Riverside Lobster. Buy with confidence knowing that we meet and/or exceed Canadian Government regulation in addition to a wide range of international quality standards. We have strict protocols in place throughout our facilities including multiple daily sample and equipment testing, audits and near instant freezing technology.

Sustainability is also very important to us. Our livelihood depends on it. Lobster fishing in Canada is governed by many regulatory protections. The most important steps we take are to stagger and rotate our fishing season. Each area is designated a fishing season different from the neighbouring areas. We also avoid harvesting lobster during the summer moulting season, when lobsters are at their most vulnerable. Our customers can rest assured that our products are sourced in an ecologically responsible manner.

Company History

Community Involvement

Riverside Lobster is proud to be located in the Acadian region of Clare, Nova Scotia. For more than 250 years, the inhabitants of this area have lived by and on the sea. The lobster fishing industry is the cornerstone of our economy and therefore hold a special place in our hearts.

Riverside Lobster believes in giving back to the community by sponsoring and participating in various events, charities, and by supporting local organizations.  We also work with local schools in fundraising, internships and various other projects.

Riverside Lobster is Proud to Support the Following:


Yarmouth Regional

Hospital Foundation

Com Invo
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